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"Eternal Adventure" Now Available On Appstore


       Hold it!Diablo mobile game"Eternal Adventure" is coming to Appstore today!From now on ,you can feel the combat experience which blend passion and relax. Let's w...


  • --- More than 150 maps of diverse styles and difficulties for you to challenge

    --- Play for free, and win legendary unique equipment easily. You can be strong just by your effort!

    --- complex character development, hundreds of unique & set equipment

    --- Unlimited Exploration - No matter how deep you crawl, there is always more to explore in endless abyss.

    --- looted resources are automatically picked up. You only need to focus on your adventure!

    --- Battle continues even after you steps offline! Just come for a few taps in your spare time!


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Remote spell, the main attributes is Intelligence, specialized in toxin and summoning spells.


She use the terrible technique to let his opponents are torn apart with explosion and fire.If foes survived, Necromancer will continue to use their own ability to command to summon the underworld ghosts to tear enemy’s flesh and blood.


Necromancer is a dark queen who kills all the creatures with fear, specialize in using torment skills and summon ghost.She also is an outstanding controller so that she is able to shuttle in the adventure land without fear at any moment.

Acid Toxic Cloud

Fall a large amount of acid rain in the target location , firstly cause 100% damage poison damages within 6 yards,and last 200% poison damages for 3 sec on the same spot.

Specter Barrier

Summons specter barrier will cause cold damage by 50% per second for 6 sec within the barrier.

Widow Tarantulas

Call black widow spider, each one can cause 36% poison damage to enemy and survive for 5 seconds.


Ability Power,the main property is Intelligence,Controller output.


Rebellious Wizard is a young and experienced lady who lost in this world to manipulate her powerful magic.She discard ancient beliefs——honour teachers and esteem truth.Long time ago,clear-sighted people had realized that is a extremely dangerous magic therewith banned it.


Wizards usually stay away from dangers and keep a certain distance.She possess a strong long-ranged attack ability like a live fort battery whereas her defense and life is limited. She owns abundant skills and will become very powerful at the late game.

Main Skills

Anomalies Turmoil

when you're mortally wound , you will recover to 45% Max HP , meanwhile , release a shock wave to repel the enemy ,and reduce its movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds.

Flame Spread

30% chance to cause burning fire damage effect then spread fire damage for 3 sec (50% AP per second).

Spiritual Gnosis

Energy limit increase 240, 25% energy recovery rate per second.


Physical long-ranged skill, the main property is Agility,high output and high evasion.


She revived from the dread lands of frozen roach ,witnessed brutal demons destroyed her villages and put her in remains.Not only is she a survivor but also an avenger.Her fail-looking body conceals the breathtaking power actually.


With 5% evasion talent, expert in long-range strikes, defense is weak whereas the damage power of monomer is very large.
Once she exhausts her strength,BOSS will disappear in a flash.

Main Skills

Phantom Sneak

Put into a sneaking statue instantaneously, keep from attack damages for 2 seconds,the skill begin to calculate the cooling time after effects disappear.

Death Mark

Marked the enemy who has highest HP , the marked enemy receive 20% additional damage for 10 seconds, mark the elite preferentially.

Umbra Power

Drain the shadow power, focused HP recovery by N points for 5 seconds.


Physical Melee, The main stats is Strength, use two-hand melee weapons to dominate everything.


When evil occur quietly, ancient hunters spy on the mainland, vanity and demons are lurking in the world.Lovely Berserk break the shackles of Black Zone, defeating opponents n the mist of electric sparks and the hand-to-hand combat with their own flesh and blood to prove morality. March forward courageously!

Berserk own 5% blood sucking talent and 35% damage reduction, meanwhile, she can equip with three kinds of weapons in game, there are swords, daggers and axes.

Main Skills

Throw Blade Cut

throwing weapon to attack targets directly, jumping attack 3 enemies within 6 yards, each target will cause 60% fire damage and increased by 10%.

Battlefury Indignation

Several properties can be improved for 3 minutes in the rage condition.

Ancestral Hammer

Summons a giant hammer to crush enemies, causing i180% fire damage within 4 yards.


Here is a hell of the ease where as the paradise of the adventures!You can pursuit freedom in the boundless world where filled with many uncertainties.Generational adventure spirit,the passage of time,the lost continent,the mankind’s dream,All of them stimulate every adventurers never stop their explorations which is potentially infinite.If our dreams will guide you along the way,go for it in the name of adventures!

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